GARASI, if we hear the name maybe the girl would have remember Fedi Nuril, and the guy is clearly, yes! Ayu Ratna Pratiwi.

Ayu was born in magelang, central java, March 6, 1985. She is an ex vocalist in Garasi Band, after coming out in Garasi (2009), ayu decided to make a solo career in Japan as a form of her first international career. To release her solo mini-album she need time for one year, her mini album titled “Grateful Passport” released on April 21, 2010 in Japan with indie label Bug Music Inc.

And a new adventure begins, after while appeared in live events at japan, Sohichi offering ayu to form a band, and she so welcomed the offer, and than in October 15, 2010 in Tokyo, Japan, formed “THE_AIU” who consist Aiu (vocals), Sohichi (guitar), and Jesse (Noise & Treatment).

THE_AIU brought the genre of Electro Pop, i thing. But they called it “Mysterious Multinational Rock”. But clearly it so very different with Garasi, but the hallmark of aiu voice still feels clearly.

Artist_the_aiu_PHOTO_SMALL-thumbJesse, Aiu, Sohichi


And now THE_AIU released a mini album titled “Minority” on September 21, 2011.


Thumbs up guys for THE_AIU and aiu too, cause she quite an achievement in there. One of the singles hits from the album Minority “CPU” successfully to reach the big 16 of “TOKYO HOT 100”.

Track List :


1. The AIU – Loser

2. The AIU – Misery

3. The AIU – CPU

4. The AIU – Gothictro

5. The AIU – Pain

6. The AIU – Imagination

7. The AIU – Musnah

Keep success for aiu and her ban, we shouldn’t have a bad assumption about aiu, everyone have a dream, maybe that’s she is trying and keep trying, and accompained with a strong determination and desire, the result certainly will be what we want. Support her!

For more info, you can visit her web address THE_AIU or can follow the twitter @The_AIU, or follow aiu’s twitter @aiu_e_o, or for aiu fans also can follow @AiUshiteru_Indo.

Thank You..

(lihat dalam bahasa indonesia)


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